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Grow Together

ParentLab helps parents connect and grow with their children through insightful, research-based content.

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From ParentLab

By combining stories from our parent users with insights from child development experts, HelloJoey creates kits filled with applicable tools and skills to educate and inspire.


To raise our children to be the best they can be must include our own journey to become a better version of ourselves.

Our children are not intended to be miniature versions of ourselves, but their own unique individual - different but equal to us.

Continuous learning about the differences in age groups and individuals is critical for us to understand our children's needs.

Our Ethos

Everything we create is centered around our core parenting beliefs.



Your stories and input are core to our mission and the content we create. We're looking for all types of stories, anecdotes, and tips about parenting - something challenging, joyous, or funny to share with other parents.


We are partnering with professionals and organizations from psychology, psychiatry, education, social work, neuroscience, and allied fields to provide parents with the highest quality information and expert insights.

"Your job is to discover the world and then with all your heart give yourself to it"

Meet Our Team

Jill Li

CEO & Co-Founder

Bo Shao


Zhen Shao

CTO & Co-Founder

Alex Korb, PhD


David Hong, PhD


Todd Bachman


Kristine Geering, MA

Content Director, Host

Xan Holston

Kit Host

Jani Actman Hall

Kit Host/ Science Writer

Gentry Jones

Media Producer

Rachel Solomin, MA

Lead Researcher

Jane Ou

Research Associate

Michael Sheley

Research Associate

Michelle Motoyoshi, PhD

Researcher /

Science Writer

Katie Whitmer, MPH

Researcher /

Science Writer

Zoe Samara-Olson, PhD

Researcher /

Science Writer

Helen Fang

Head of Marketing

Davlynn Gundolff


Hua Yang, PhD

Neuropsychology Specialist

Lisa Thompson


Peter Walsh

Director of Partnership

& Expert Relationship

Danni Horwitz

Content Specialist /

Kit Host

Nesza Salvador


Meghan Noyes

Media Producer

Jon David Buffam


Connor Weng

Software Engineer

Bruce Zheng

Data Analyst

Yingxin "Ellie" Xi


Jian Chen

Software Engineer

Xuebin Bai

Software Engineer

Zhimin Chen

Senior Software Engineer

Cedar Wang


Gerlie Sobrevilla

Admin / HR Assistant

Yudi Wang, MA


Yunqi Zhang


Lake Dai

Product Consultant

Christine Blevens


Xiaole Ni, PhD

Project Specialist

Lu Zhang

Operations Assistant

Xi He

Project Manager

Joe Zhong

Product Manager

Karen Nelson

Admin / HR Assistant


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