Podcast Host

Parent Lab Inc. - Mountain View, CA | Portland, OR | Remotely

$8,000- $13,000 per month

Term: 1-3 months

Job type: Contractual

Job description:

The Podcast Host will be responsible for developing creative podcast presentations. The Podcast Host will collaborate with other members of the podcast team including research and other PL staff to build episodes around stories from parents and guest speakers. The successful candidate will have a knack for finding the heart of the story and an eye for opportunities to apply what the insights, advice, and issues faced by parents sharing the stories in ways that will help the parents in their parenthood lives.


Major Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Host a dynamic, informative and entertaining tackling with parenting issue with guest speakers' advice program.

  • Promote the show, the channel, related channels, and the company positively on and off the air to maximize the growth of subscribers and listeners.

  • Conduct studio telephone interviews, including via ISDN/VOIP.

  • Conduct interviews out in the field with handheld recording equipment and archiving oral parent interviews as part of the research process.

  • Represent the company as a talent on occasional remote broadcasts and outside events.

  • Actively participate in channel social media activities including Facebook.

  • Leading all facets of the project, including content creation, podcast brand and voice, marketing, distribution, data collection, market research and revenue conversion.

  • Creating the content, voice, and brand of the podcast.

  • Writing, reporting, editing, and hosting the podcast.

  • Developing and recommending a podcast and season structure (number of episodes, length of episodes, topics, etc.) to the team (final format of the podcast will be decided on in collaboration with the PL podcast team).

  • Discovering and developing content for 5 to 10+ episodes of 10 to 12 minutes a piece.

  • Research and managing any appropriate market studies to inform and refine the podcast concept, including a focus on content and overall strategy, target audiences and distribution channels, benchmarks of success, converting listeners into action takers, and revenue strategies.




  • Must have at least 5 years experience in on-air work related to the podcast

  • 3+ years of journalism, communications or content creation experience

  • Experience conducting a wide variety of interviews, and an instinct for good lines of questioning that produce polished, powerful podcast content.

  • Robust research and writing skills.

  • A track record of creative collaboration, forming connections with others, and facilitating success in a team setting.

  • Excellent communicator with a complete understanding of industry practices for announcing, on-air promotion and audience building.

  • Strong on-air presence and voice, presenting a genuine, informed and likable personality with the ability to create topical breaks that are clear and concise.

  • Strong interest in parenthood issues, as related to assigned channels/programs.

  • Comfortable working with highly expert professionals.

  • Knowledge of digital editing software (Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, Hindenburg, Audacity, etc.) is preferred.

  • Excellent time management skills, with the ability to prioritize and multitask, and work under shifting deadlines in a fast-paced environment.

  • Must have legal right to work in the U.S.

  • Candidates with a sample of previous works (either audio or written or both) is highly preferred.

Interested applicants may submit their resumes and sample works to hr@parentlab.com.

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